Meet Holly Maschio

“My kids remember the little things,” says Holly Maschio, “riding their bikes in the park, the everyday things.” Holly and her husband, Frank, adopted their two children, Jonathan and Victoria, from South Korea. In 1995, Holly helped establish Our Adopted Kids, a non-profit group for parents of children adopted internationally. They hosted many educational and international events, and Holly discovered she had a knack for fundraising. Years later, when Victoria was in seventh grade, she wanted a hand bag, and she and Holly went to buy it at The Depot Gift Shop, an all-volunteer store, the proceeds of which benefit Children’s Aid. Holly learned about The Depot’s need for volunteers and signed up. Since then, she has been a passionate volunteer, eventually serving as Co-Director of The Depot in 2017. “The women I volunteer with are unbelievably dedicated,” she says. “They give back every day.” Although she is an accountant by trade, Holly has the heart of a social worker. From volunteering at The Depot, she learned more about Children’s Aid and Family Services, and now she serves on the event committee and the Board of Trustees. She toured the agency’s STRIVE Day Program for people with special needs and met many of the members, and was inspired by their happiness. “I love the programs, especially STRIVE, Baby Basics, foster care and, of course, adoption.” Her children are grown now; Victoria is in college majoring in Marketing and Jonathan is an engineer with Deloitte Consulting. “My kids are both socially aware and have their own causes,” she says. “I’m happy to see them growing up to be caring adults. The pandemic has taught us that life is short. We need to accept and help each other.”