Hope and Healing

**During this COVID-19 crisis, The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources has launched 24 hour hotline services. If you or a loved one needs help accessing addiction services and support, Call or Text 201-589-2976. Hotline Services are available 24/7. Services are provided by The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources in partnership with The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources has launched critical services to help the community in response to the serious opioid and heroin crisis. Our Recovery Specialists work to guide those addicted to opiates into treatment and provide essential follow-up services. The Center also provides a support group for women dealing with a family member struggling with the misuse of alcohol or drugs.  For more information on any of the services listed below, please contact Jessica Fernandez at 201-740-7030 / jfernandez@cafsnj.org or visit www.tcadr.org.

Our Recovery Specialists

Our Recovery Specialists, who themselves are in long-term recovery, meet survivors of overdoses at all Bergen County hospital emergency rooms. The Recovery Specialists work to guide survivors into treatment and also provide essential follow-up services, connecting survivors with treatment and support services.

“On the day I met with the Recovery Specialist, I was angry and didn’t want to talk. Looking back, I’m so glad I did. I went into detox and treatment and am amazed at how I can handle things in a calm, responsible manner now.”

Support Team for Addiction Recovery

This program is for clients who have an identified Opioid Use Disorder and/or are participants in the Opioid Overdose Recovery Program and/or have recently been released from Bergen County Jail or Prison and/or discharged from a licensed DHMAS program and agree to reside in Bergen County. This program aims to guide these individuals through the first year of their recovery process by providing them with a Recovery Specialist and Case Manager who work together to bring the client’s plan of recovery to fruition.

Partnership with Law Enforcement

Our Recovery Support Services partner with law enforcement to implement innovative and model practices that encourage recovery.  For more information on these programs, please visit www.tcadr.org.

Heroin Addiction Recovery Team (HART)
A recovery specialist is made available to individuals who voluntarily turn over their drugs and paraphernalia and/or are looking for help.

Operation Helping Hand (OHH)
This community policing campaign is a partnership with the Bergen County Prosecutors Office, Bergen New Bridge Medical Center, Bergen County Office of Alcohol and Drug Dependency, and our Recovery Support Services.

“It has changed the way I communicate and react to not just my struggling daughter, but everyone else in my life.”