Every Child Deserves a Loving Home

Since we were founded over 120 years ago, providing services to children whose parents are unable to care for them has been a core part of what we do. We believe that all children deserve to live with nurturing families in a safe, stable environment, and we have helped thousands of children who have gone through abuse and neglect to heal from trauma. Our Foster Care program provides safe and nurturing care in the homes of trained foster parents to children who temporarily cannot be with their birth families.

It is only with the partnership of caring foster parents that our children start to heal and learn to trust. For most of their young lives, the adults who were supposed to care for them have let them down. A foster parent plays an essential role in the healthy development of a child, helping their children get ready for school every day, going over their homework and taking them to doctor’s appointments. They also serve as role models, showing the child how to live with a family and teaching them to relax and just be a kid, often for the first time.

The children in our care range in age from 6 – 18. Because of their life experiences, they may have behavioral or emotional challenges. They need loving, stable families who can provide for their emotional, physical and educational needs.

Jelonda shares her son’s journey toward learning to trust.

All types of people become foster parents. They may be younger or older and have birth children of their own. They may own their home or rent. They may be single or married. We value the diversity of foster parents and recognize that loving parents span all ages, ethnicities, income levels, sexual orientations, education levels and career backgrounds.

All foster parents must be 21 years or older, willing to learn about the needs of the children and receive training.

Alice and John share their story as foster parents.

  • The ability to nurture and parent a child
  • The ability to provide a safe and stable home
  • Patience
  • Flexibility
  • Sense of humor

To assist you in building a healthy foundation for the child you foster, Children’s Aid and Family Services offers comprehensive support:

  • A monthly stipend, assistance for clothing and medical coverage for the child
  • A medical assessment by a member of our medical team
  • Comprehensive and individualized support tailored to fit your needs
  • Monthly trainings with child care provided on-site

The Children’s Aid Difference

We believe that children in our foster care become part of the Children’s Aid family, and we provide vital services to help them as they leave foster care and go on to independent living. For children who are 18 years old and have “aged out” of foster care, we have the Thomas R.S. Burgin Parents Fund and the Thomas Bristol Noonan Fund. In most instances, we are the only family our teens have as they make the critical transition into adulthood. We offer the ongoing support of our staff – who already have relationships with our teens – and financial assistance so they can attend college or vocational school.

Through the Burgin Fund, we also help with emergency funding, such as a deposit on an apartment or a car repair. In 2018, 29 young adults who have “aged out” of our foster care continued to receive support through this vital fund.

We can only provide this extra level of support with the help of the community.

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The average high school graduation rate for a teen in foster care is 50%.
Since 2009, 100% of teens in our foster care have graduated high school.

The average high school graduation rate for a teen in foster care is 50%. Since 2009, 100% of teens in our foster care have graduated high school.

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