Beverly’s Story – A Therapeutic Foster Parent’s Impact

Beverly has devoted her life to helping children in foster care overcome trauma and build independent futures. Her journey as a therapeutic foster parent began over 40 years ago, when her close friend died and left four children in need of a family. “I didn’t want them in an institution, I wanted them in a safe environment, and I began caring for them,” she says. Since then, she has cared for children of all ages, from babies born addicted to drugs to teenagers in need of emotional and mental health support. She takes her role very seriously as an advocate for the most vulnerable, and works hard to ensure the children in her care receive the supports they need. “Education is important in my house,” she says, and she believes it is the key to a better life. She remembers fondly her “miracle kid,” Jada, who was 10 years old when she went to live with Beverly. Jada struggled with her academics; she couldn’t read and had vision difficulties. Beverly arranged for a tutor to work with Jada every day after school, and today, this amazing young woman is just 30 credits shy of earning her Ph.D.!

Beverly is fostering two young brothers currently, and helping them overcome trauma by using the tools she has acquired over the years. “I am a story teller and I spend a lot of time talking to the children,” she says. “They remember my stories, and giving them time and attention helps them to flourish.” She says a therapeutic foster parent must be patient, compassionate and simply love children. “It gives me satisfaction knowing the children are being taken care of, no matter what is going on, and that I helped them through their individual processes.”