Free and Engaging Resources for Older Adults

The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources offers a wide variety of free and engaging resources for older adults to help them navigate the challenges that can accompany aging. Online classes include interactive games, arts and crafts (as an added bonus the supplies are delivered by The Center) and important tips about healthy aging. Thanks to a generous donor, The Center even has a lending library of tablets, along with training in how to use them, for seniors.

A recent program participant in a virtual cooking class wrote to The Center, saying: “There was a great plant-based Senior Cooking class held today. I love cooking classes but usually don’t get to make the dishes afterwards for various reasons. But the instructor had everything so well organized, it ran smoothly and we all enjoyed, learned, had so much fun and hope we can do it all again soon! We seniors are so very grateful for the way your organization truly cares about and treats us.”

Although major life-changing events can be challenging at any age, older adults may experience them with more frequency and intensity, affecting their ability to cope. The transition to retirement, the death of a spouse or the loss of purpose may be triggers of stress and anxiety, and older adults may misuse alcohol or drugs as a result. In fact, older adults are an often overlooked segment of society that has substance misuse issues. While there isn’t as much awareness of senior misuse as there is of other populations, the highest rate of alcoholism in the U.S. is observed in widowers over the age of 75. Up to 11% of hospital admissions of older adults are due to alcohol or drug problems. Older adults are hospitalized as often for alcohol-related issues as they are for heart attacks. (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism)

Through its offerings for older adults, The Center helps them develop skills to help strengthen their relationships and support systems to decrease the likelihood of using alcohol and other drugs, all in an engaging and fun way.

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