Mentoring – Building Trust

“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” – Josh Shipp

Our Volunteer Mentor Program matches adults with children ages 12-19 years old who are in need of guidance and support. In many instances, a mentor helps a child by simply being there to listen to their concerns. Most of these children have had little or no adult guidance in their lives and need someone they can rely on.

It is important for these children and teenagers to have a trusting, responsible and positive influence in their lives to help build a bridge of trust and create a much-needed stable relationship.

Research shows that mentors make a meaningful difference in the life of an at risk child.

The presence of a stable and positive role model in the life of a child is an essential element for positive youth development. According to a study conducted by Philliber Research Associates, mentored students in grades 7-9 reported reduced risk-taking in the domains of violence, school, bullying and sexual activity.

Mentoring also helps children and teenagers develop life skills so they are prepared for independent living. Our mentors spend two hours every other week with an adolescent, giving them the opportunity to try new experiences while learning life skills for the future. For example, a typical trip to a restaurant for lunch easily turns into a teachable moment for a teen and their mentor. Along with the meal and conversation they are also learning to order, to speak respectfully to the server and to calculate the tip.

Make a Difference in the Life of a Child – We are Here to Help you

You can be a successful mentor if you are at least 22 years old and willing to be a positive role model and consistent presence in a child’s life. We will provide you with comprehensive training to prepare you for your role, a support group where you can ask questions and share your experiences and a stipend to help fund activities with your mentee. When available, complimentary tickets to sporting events or shows may also be included.

To learn more about making a positive difference in a child’s life by becoming a mentor, please contact Marcia Fisher at 201-740-7038 or

What our Mentors are Saying

“You have to be someone who is patient because it is not an instant reward but rather a long-term one; the process is definitely worth it.”

– John

“These kids need attention and unconditional love. Mentoring is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

– Liliana

“I always wanted to be a role model to a child. I consider mentoring a gift in my life.”

– Lisa

John has been a long-time mentor with Children’s Aid and Family Services.

Read his story here

Listen to Liliana tell her story about being a mentor.