The majority of the children in the care of Children’s Aid and Family Services have histories of severe trauma, abuse and neglect. Moreover, they have usually experienced multiple moves and foster care placements. As a result, their access to medical care has been fragmented and inconsistent. Thus, their medical, physical, developmental and mental health needs are complex and require a comprehensive and holistic approach.

To better serve its clients’ medical needs, Children’s Aid and Family Services recently moved its medical services for children in foster care to its location in Fair Lawn. Dr. Hugh Bases, a New York City and Midland Park-based pediatrician with a specialty in Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, serves as the medical director. “It can be extremely challenging for children in foster care to have access to consistent medical care,” says Dr. Bases. “I believe with my skill set and experience, I can make a contribution to the health and wellbeing of these vulnerable children.” The medical team is also comprised of two nurses currently on staff.

The team will work with primary care providers to help them understand the special healthcare needs of children in foster care, as well as provide care coordination, advocacy for care and treatment, and support for agency clinical staff. Additionally, many children come into the agency’s care with patchy and incomplete medical histories; the medical team will work to create complete medical histories for the children.

The agency’s Fair Lawn location also houses its psychiatrist, clinicians and staff that regularly interact with the children in foster care. “The goal of having all of these services located together is increased collaboration, communication and healthcare coordination among our medical and behavioral health staff,” says Jerry Binney, president & CEO of Children’s Aid and Family Services. “We are extremely pleased to provide access to high quality medical care for our children. Additionally, we are thrilled that it is being led by Dr. Hugh Bases, who brings a wealth of experience in developmental and behavioral disorders which will greatly benefit our children.”

About Children’s Aid and Family Services
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