Foster Care is a temporary placement that helps children to prepare for either the return of their birth parents or for another more permanent placement, such as adoption.

Children are often placed in foster care because they have suffered abuse, neglect, and trauma. They need the love, guidance and stability of a family to help them heal and eventually become happy, healthy, and self-confident. The foster children in our care range in age from infants to older teenagers. The infants and toddlers usually have special medical needs. They often suffer from the complications of being born prematurely and have a variety of medical conditions, such as asthma, development delays and cardiac conditions.

The older children in our care have often experienced abuse, neglect, trauma and multiple moves. They may have behavioral or emotional challenges as a result. They need loving, stable families who can provide for their emotional, physical and educational needs.

At Children’s Aid and Family Services, we provide foster families for traumatized children who have been wounded by abuse.   As they heal from that trauma, our hope is they can once again live with family; either a birth or adoptive family.  Extensive training is offered to foster families to help them learn how to care for these children in their home.

We understand the important role a family plays in helping a child heal and eventually become healthy, self-confident and have a bright future. We’re here to help our families every step of the way by providing comprehensive support and guidance. Treatment in our programs are provided by an interdisciplinary team, which includes therapists, case managers, psychiatric nurses, and administrative and supervisory personnel. Educational professionals are also available as needed.

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Most of the children in our care are at least two grade levels behind when they come to us and struggle in school. We believe a quality education is the cornerstone of their success. We engage an education specialist to supervise all Individual Education Plans and provide professional tutoring services in reading, math, language arts, PSAT and SAT preparation to our children. Our education services are funded by philanthropy.

For children who are 18 years old and have “aged out” of foster care, we have the Thomas R. S. Burgin “Parents” Fund.   In most instances, we are the only families our teens have. We offer staff support and financial assistance so they can attend college or vocational school. Because of the generosity of our donors and the Burgin Fund, we provide scholarship assistance and serve as a source of emergency funding for any former client of one of our foster care programs.  In 2018, 29 young adults who have previously “aged out” of the agency’s foster care programs continue to received support through the Burgin Fund and a variety of agency programs.  

Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent

There are many children in your community that desperately need the love and guidance of a family. We are searching for compassionate individuals or couples with open hearts, willing to nurture and support these vulnerable children.

At our agency, we provide therapeutic foster care, which is a higher level of care needed for children who have been wounded by severe abuse and neglect. Therapeutic foster parents are trained to provide a structured environment that supports learning, social and emotional skills. Therapeutic foster parents play a huge role in the healthy development of a child. Foster parents provide a stable, nurturing and safe home life, for example, helping their child get ready for school every day, going over homework and taking them to doctor’s appointments. They also serve as role models, showing their children how to live with a family and the importance of being members of a healthy family.

All types of people become foster parents. They may be younger or older, and may or may not have had birth children. They may own or rent their home. They may be single or married. All foster parents must be willing to learn about the needs of the children.

To assist you in building a healthy foundation for the child you foster, Children’s Aid and Family Services
offers comprehensive support:

  • A monthly stipend and medical coverage for the child, as well as financial assistance for clothing
  • 24/7 support from our professional staff
  • Case management that provides comprehensive, individualized support to foster parents
  • Professional services including weekly therapy for the child
  • Ongoing foster parenting training

Learn More

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PLEASE NOTE: The beautiful children in our care range in age from 6-18 years. We are able to provide support for families living within, or in the proximity of the following New Jersey counties: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, and Union. Please contact us to determine if your place of residence falls within our service area.