Our work includes adoption and adoption support services, therapeutic foster care for vulnerable children, drug and alcohol abuse education and prevention, community residences, day-habilitation program and in-home support services for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, housing and safety-net services for teen moms and their babies, who would otherwise be homeless, and strengthening the community through educational programs and workshops. Each of these services makes a profound and lasting difference in people’s lives.


While placing children for adoption is still one of our core commitments, we’ve evolved to keep pace with a changing world. The needs of the children we treat have changed dramatically during the last several years. Today, they come to us having suffered from more severe physical and emotional abuse and neglect and having had less basic care from their families. Many of the children have serious behavioral and mental health issues, as well as social and learning challenges. As a result, they need more specialized treatment while living with one of the agency’s therapeutic family foster homes to help them start to heal. The agency’s goal is to help them move on to a loving adoptive family, or live independently with a job and a home to call their own.


Whether we’re working with a child seeking an adoptive family, supplying formula and diapers to families that are struggling financially, helping a teenager resist the pressure to take drugs, providing a mentor for a child in foster care, teaching life skills to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, or providing support and services to teen mothers, we’re helping to build futures for children and families in the communities we serve.


Through our array of programs and services, we can and do make a difference every day for the people in our communities. But we can’t do it without support from – our foster and adoptive parents, our mentors, our volunteers, our loyal supporters, and our friends. To learn more about our programs and services or how you can adopt, foster, volunteer or donate, call (201) 261-2800 or email us at info@cafsnj.org.