Tysean is an affectionate, loving boy with an infectious, bubbly personality. He is very family oriented and treasures the relationships he has with his biological siblings. Visiting and spending time with them are very important to him. Tysean is a sociable and active kid who plays well with other children. He adores dogs and proudly helps take care of the therapy dog when it visits his home. Since all animals are of interest to Tysean, a trip to the zoo would be a great day for him. Tysean’s true passion is basketball. He loves watching, playing and learning new skills to bring to the court. Tysean is on a special needs team and is a valued, talented player. Tysean will participate in anything that keeps him active and outside. He enjoys attending summer camps and going horseback riding with his program.

Tysean enjoys being a part of a family and would thrive in a loving home that is supportive of his existing relationships.