Motivated, enthusiastic and determined are the perfect adjectives to describe 16-year-old Tameer.  He dreams of going to college to study graphic design/animation and would like to someday own and operate his own production company!  Those who know Tameer describe him as happy, thoughtful, well-mannered and intelligent.  He enjoys intellectual conversations and problem-solving and engages well with adults.  Tameer is a very active young man and loves to do anything that will get him outdoors!  Some favorite pastimes include running, playing baseball (he will be the pitcher for his high school team this spring!), swimming, hiking, camping, and bowling.  In the summer, Tameer loves to go to water parks and the beach.  Dogs and birds are Tameer’s favorite animals and he longs for a forever family with pets!

Tameer can’t wait to be adopted and hopes that he finds his forever family soon!  He longs for a supportive, caring family who will support him throughout his life.  Tameer would do well with other children, but may do best as the youngest or only child in a home since he enjoys one-on-one attention from caring adults.

Tameer is a very sweet, fun and mature young man. Tameer enjoys living in big cities with diverse populations. The perfect family for Tameer is one that is full of love and will support his goals and dreams. To get to know Tameer better, call his Recruiter at 201-740-7044.