Lee’Aja can be described as smart, sweet and funny with a bright smile! You can’t miss her kind natured personality, big heart and desire to help others. She likes to stay active playing basketball, going bowling, and skating.  She is a huge professional sport fan and loves to watch the NY Yankees, Philadelphia Eagles and Philadelphia 76ers.  When Lee’Aja is not playing or watching sports, she enjoys listening to R&B and hip-hop music and currently loves Cardi B.  Her favorite holidays are Christmas, Thanksgiving and her birthday.  These represent to her time with family, eating yummy food and receiving and sharing love.

Academically she does well and is an active participant in class. She has shown great strength in working with younger kids and has been selected to be part of her school’s mentoring program.  Her helpful nature has her aspiring to a career in the medical field.  Lee’Aja has shared that her ideal family would consist of two parents and possibly a younger sibling.  It is her hope that she finds a home that will nurture and support her continued contact with her brothers.


To get to know Lee’Aja better, call her Recruiter at 201-740-7044 or email JJackson@cafsnj.org