Kieshawn is an outgoing and energetic youngster with a good sense of humor.   Those who are close describe him as bright, sensitive and inquisitive. Video games, iPods, tables, and other technologies are his passion. When not playing games on his tablet, you can find him building tracks and racing his Hotwheels!  An active guy who likes to exert his energy by kicking around a soccer ball or playing with balloons.  Kieshawn has demonstrated a talent for visual arts, especially drawing and painting.  However his talent does not stop there; he is funny, loves jokes, and generally likes to make people happy. He will spend significant time entertaining others with his humor. Kieshawn has a wonderful imagination and can be very creative in his play. Academically, he is doing very well as he is an honor roll student; who dreams of becoming a computer engineer.

To get to know Kieshawn better, call his Recruiter at 201-740-7044 or email