Jameir is a friendly and curious boy.  He loves to laugh and have a good time.  Jameir will give you a “high five” to say hello and he will say “bye”.  He likes to go swimming.  Jameir also enjoys taking pictures.  He is becoming quite a photographer!

Jameir uses a wheelchair to get around.  He can wheel himself and also feed himself.  Jameir enjoys being out of his wheelchair and crawling around.  He can walk with the assistance of a walker.  Jameir takes horseback riding lessons to strengthen his muscles.  He loves it!

Jameir had a traumatic brain injury as a baby.  He resides at a pediatric medical facility where he also attends a special education school.  Jameir requires close supervision as he is unaware of dangers.  He also requires assistance with daily living tasks such as bathing and toileting.  Jameir is learning how to use a laptop computer in school.

A loving and committed forever family is needed to help Jameir reach his full potential.  He will need support through adulthood.

To get to know Jameir better, contact his recruiter Annette Flores at (201) 740-7028 or aflores@cafsnj.org