Friendly and sociable Jacques has a myriad of diverse interests! He is a natural-born athlete and loves to play football and basketball. Jacques also appreciates all things musical. He loves to dance and sing and has learned to play many musical instruments. Like most other kids his age, Jacques loves to play video games; however he says that watching television is not one of his hobbies. He prefers to be active and is open to trying lots of outdoor activities. Jacques does well academically and when asked about his future, he has said that he would like to be a professional athlete or to work with professional athletes in some way. Jacques has a very charming and outgoing personality and he easily engages in conversation with others.

Those who know him well describe him as smart, talented, honest and fun. He is respectful towards adults and peers and does not often question limits or rules.

Jacques would do best in a two-parent family with strong male and female role models. An active, adventurous family would be the best fit for Jacques. He loves dogs and would do well in a home with pets. It would be preferable for Jacques to be the youngest child in the home. He has several younger siblings with whom he is extremely bonded, and this relationship needs to be supported post-adoption.

To get to know Jacques better, contact his recruiter Jeanne Dunn at (201) 740-7026 or jdunn@cafsnj.org