Eric is an energetic and curious boy who loves to explore his surroundings. He loves to be an assistant and as a result his current caregivers find him very helpful. Eric enjoys the independence of making his own strawberry milk, cereal and cooking in the microwave. However, playing with water is by far what he loves most. Second to water play is IPAD time, watching cartoons and Disney movies. The perfect day is a trip to the zoo or playing at the pool.

He is a sweet young man who thrives on praise and positive attention. Eric can recognize the important people in his life and is able to form new attachments easily.  He does require a highly structured home environment and parents who can be strong advocates for him.  His ideal family will be loving and energetic and willing to support him now and in the future.


To get to know Eric better, contact his recruiter Annette Flores at (201) 740-7028 or