Daniel deserves a loving and nurturing family that will advocate for all of his needs.

Daniel is a handsome little boy who has a lot of love to give. He quickly attaches to caregivers and demonstrates affection by eye contact and smiling.  Daniel is intrigued with lights that are multicolored as well as soothing sounds.  His bright smile is on display when strolling outside in the sunshine or going on car rides.  Happiness shines through his facial expressions which also express discomfort.  He uses maximum hand over hand assistance when he is with his caregivers.

Daniel is a growing boy with a big heart who needs a loving family. He requires a permanent home that understands his needs and is committed to provide safety, security and love.

To get to know Daniel better, call his Recruiter Jeanne Brunink-Dunn at 201-740-7026 or email jdunn@cafsnj.org