Christian & David

Christian and David, a lovable duo, are looking for a family to permanently provide them with love, structure, and patience.

Christian is described as friendly and very sweet.  A hugger, this young man also demonstrates affection for others through writing personal letters.  A very social boy, Christian enjoys extracurricular activities such as chorus.

David, the youngest of the pair, is described similarly as sweet and caring.  A very hardworking boy who works to diligently complete any task assigned.  David is a reader; he enjoys books on Ninja Turtles, superheroes and animals.

Both boys share a love of the outdoors.  Christian enjoys pick-up basketball games with friends while David enjoys soccer and riding his bike.  They are also competitors at Mario Cart and share/swap Pokémon cards. These brothers share a strong bond and want to be adopted together.

To get to know Christian and David better, call his Recruiter at 201-740-7044 or email