Chassadi is an endearing teenager who is full of life. Her passion is singing and dancing. Car rides are fun with Chassadi with the radio volume turned up, windows rolled down and her angelic voice filling the space both inside and out. A very easy-going teenager who enjoys going shopping and getting an ice cream cone afterwards. Chassadi loves expressing herself through her creativity; she is an excellent writer and enjoys making crafts as gifts for the people she cares about. Chassadi has a younger sister with whom she is very close. This relationship needs to be fostered and supported as she goes along her permanency journey. This teen longs to be adopted and is very excited to have a forever family. She would love to have an older sister to do hair and makeup with or help care for a younger sibling. A lover of animals, dogs are her favorite. She can’t wait for the day to share the love in her heart with a family she can call her own.

To get to know Chassadi better, call her Recruiter at 201-740-7044 or email