Angel is a very active guy! He loves time spent in the gym whether in his therapy swing or his tumble form mobile. Climbing is Angel’s favorite pastime; climbing over chairs, stairs, up a slide, or even over a gate! Affectionate and engaging are the two words which best describe him. He is not able to communicate verbally; however, he makes attempts to communicate happiness through cooing, smiling and giggling and unhappiness through crying. Sign language instruction is ongoing.

Angel has a very extensive medical history for such a young child. He was born with a rare chromosomal abnormality and has undergone numerous surgeries. As a result, he will require follow up with a cardiologist and plastic surgeon. Angel currently has a G feeding tube. He suffers from global developmental delays and receives physical, occupational, speech and music therapies. Angel attends a school with a handicapped program and continues to make developmental gains. Angel needs a loving and committed family to help him reach his full developmental potential.

For further information on Angel please contact his recruiter Annette Flores at