All who meet Alvans can’t help but fall for his heart warming smile. He loves hugs and one-on-one attention. In response to attention he reaches out to hold caregiver’s hands and will lead you to toys or activities he wishes to interact with. Those who care for him have become quite attached to him and have fostered his growth and progress. Alvans is able to walk with some assistance and has a healthy appetite.  He eats puree and chopped foods at meals and requires assistance to feed himself. He enjoys toys that make loud noises and have bright lights. Even though he gets cold quickly Alvans loves to go swimming! He also enjoys riding his bike and will dance to anything with a good beat. He is always ready to play and have a good time!

Alvans is an incredible boy who is full of joy and energy. His happiness is truly contagious!

To get to know Alvans better, contact his recruiter Annette Flores at (201) 740-7028 or